HT-CG Blown HDPE Sand Filter – Side Mounted

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    HT-CG Blown HDPE Sand Filter – Side Mounted

    Crystal clear water and an outstanding performance.

    Hidrotermal filters are mold blown into one piece of high density polyethylene, safe for the user and surrounding environment. All are equipped with a 6-way multiport valve and a 360º clamp lock, allowing trouble free installation and maintenance. The High Density Polyethylene formula material we use is both UV-resistant and anti-corrosive making our filters reliable to work in direct sunlight & high PH environments for years of prolonged operation.



    » Hidrotermal’s filter range is designed and manufactured to cater all water solution requirements, domestic & commercial, pool, spa, fountain, waterscape and aquarium.

    » High Density Polyethylene Material; Anti-Corrosive, Safe and Environment Friendly.

    » Unitized Thermal Plastic filter tank; Robust, Durable and suitable for many different weather conditions.

    » Clamp Locking system; 360-degree rotation for simple installation.

    » Compact to save space.

    » Simple, Easy to Use, six position Valve:

    1. Filter (Normal filtration and vacuuming)
    2. Backwash (Reverse Flow Cleanse)
    3. Rinse (Valve flush)
    4. Waste (By passes filter; lower water level, vacuum)
    5. Recirculate (By passes filter; Water circulation)
    6. Close

    » Specially designed drainage system for simple maintenance & ice control in winter.

    » ABS Laterals.

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    Model Valve Connection Filter Area Design Flow 0.5-0.8mm
    Sand Weight
    Tank Volume Valve Volume
    HT-CG450 1.5’’/50mm 0.16m2 8.00m3/h-133lpm 50kg 0.15m3 0.02m3
    HT-CG500 1.5’’/50mm 0.23m2 11.50m3/h-191lpm 80kg 0.20m3 0.02m3
    HT-CG650 1.5’’/50mm 0.32m2 16.00m3/h-266lpm 160kg 0.32m3 0.02m3
    HT-CG700 1.5’’/50mm 0.40m2 20.00m3/h-333lpm 220kg 0.42m3 0.02m3


    *Maximum Operating Pressure: 36psi/2.5bar (Plastic Clamp).
    *Maximum Operating Water Temperature: ≤50ºC/122ºF.

    Note: For reference only. Suggested sand weights vary with different filter media sizes.

    Drawing chart

    Part/Model HT-CG450 HT-CG500 HT-CG650 HT-CG700
    A 440 470 490 540
    H 670 710 810 880
    ΦD 450 535 635 710
    ΦP 390 390 565 565
    C 385 415 435 485
    G 75 75 95 95
    E 90 90 90 90

    *Sizes are in mm.

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    HT-CG450, HT-CG500, HT-CG650, HT-CG700