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Hidrotermal, fully dedicated to the Swimming Pool & SPA specific equipment & manufacturing & improvement. We provide the best solutions for your commercial and industrial water treatment projects.
Safe & Reliable aquatic applications, with a wide variety of products in constant development and expansion. We hold the ability to offer you the latest validated and logical solutions for your SPA & Pool, both private and commercial.
Customer Care & High Performance, the main standards and values considered by our carefully selected Hidrotermal’s international team, as our Company’s Culture foundational pillars.


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Welcome to Hidrotermal, a Spanish manufacturer specialized in Swimming Pool, SPA & Water treatment specific equipment. Serious and competitive solutions for the pool user and all the water industries.Find everything you need for your Pool, SPA, Ponds ,Wells, Waterpark and Aquaculture projects!
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Lumiscan is the new structural LED Lighting Collection.

A highly qualifyed R&D center and testing lab team, located at the core of one of the best professional LED lighting manufacturers in Asia.

Our products are designed to bring you a greener technology within the highest lighting performance, as well as considerable energy and investment savings.

We offer advantages to all commercial, industrial, civil development and structural lighting solutions.

Check up with us for your customized Energy Savings Project!!

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