HDPE Filter Combo System

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Hidrotermal PC Combo Series, it´s an excellent choice for home user who is looking for user-friendly and easy set-up filtration system. Our combos includes top mount fiberglass tank (VC Series) or mold blown plastic tank (PC Series), 6-way multiport valve and our swimming pool pump Hidro- BPS Series attached with ABS plastic base.


  • Durable Mold Blown Plastic Filter.
  •  Special drainage design, to easy draining of the tank, easy to maintain and ice-free in winter.
  • ABS Laterals.
  •  Max operating pressure 36psi/2.5bar.
  •  Max temperature of ≤50ºC/122ºF.
  •  Standard union sets provided.
  •  Suggested size of media: 0.5-0.8mm.
  •  Hidro-BPS Series Swimming Pool Pump included.
  • 6-way multiport valve.
  • Sand media is not included.
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Model Filter Pump Pipe Union 0.5-0.8mm
Sand Weight
Flow Area Flow Rate
HT-PC350-6W HT-PG350 Hidro-MPT035 1.5″/48.5mm 25kg 0.10 m² 4.5 m³/h
HT-PC400-6W HT-PG400 Hidro-BPS050 1.5″/48.5mm 34kg 0.13 m² 6.5 m³/h
HT-PC450-6W HT-PG450 Hidro-BPS075 1.5″/48.5mm 150kg 0.16 m² 8 m³/h
HT-PC500-6W HT-PG500 Hidro-BPS100 1.5″/48.5mm 80kg 0.23 m² 11.5 m³/h
HT-PC650-6W HT-PG650 Hidro-BPS150 1.5″/48.5mm 160kg 0.32 m² 16 m³/h

*Maximum Operating pressure: 36psi/2.5bar.
*Maximum Operating Water Temperature: ≤45℃/113°F.
Note: For reference only. Suggested sand weights may differ according to filter media granule sizes.

Model HT-PC350-6W HT-PC400-6W HT-PC450-6W HT-PC500-6W HT-PC650-6W
A (mm) 495 515 575 615 715
B (mm) 545 565 625 665 765
C (mm) 570 570 770 770 770
D (mm) 615 410 450 535 635

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HT-PC350-6W, HT-PC400-6W, HT-PC450-6W, HT-PC500-6W, HT-PC650-6W