Salt Chlorinator SC-Pro

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The SC-Pro series chlorine helps improve the quality of your pool water by using harmless salt instead of harsh chemicals. Reliable, low maintenance, and safe for health and the environment
With easy and simple programming and full automation, SC-Pro allows you to enjoy a relaxing swim.
Hidrotermal salt chlorinators are the best way to sterilize your swimming pool with chlorine through the electrolyte process. The electrolysis process is done by passing saltwater through the electrolyte cells.Sodium chloride in water is converted into chlorine gas and dissolved in water to become liquid chlorine. With liquid chlorine, you get disinfecting in the water in the pool.


  • Easy to use automatic control system
  • It processes harmless salts instead of harsh chemicals, better for both the skin and the respiratory system.
  • Enjoy worry-free. No chemical storage or chlorine handling needed.
  • Comfort: Hygienic, clean and crystal-clear water.
  • No allergy caused by the chlorine, no dry skin or irritated eyes.


  •  4 different models to choose. For swimming pools up to 120.000 liters.
  • Self cleaning function: Automatically reverses the polarity which prevents calcium from accumulation, prolonging the cell’s life time.
  • Flow detection: Protection from no flow which can cause generator issues or even destruction of the cell unit.
  • Overheat protection: It prolongs the control system lifespan.
  • Alarm system: automatic protection for your system and pool if over-salting occurs or salt level is too low.
  • Six different chlorine output settings: Easy adjustment of chlorine levels to meet the demand of different timings, saving energy and environmentally friendly.
  • Smart cooling: The cooling intensity can be adjusted according to the temperature inside the control box.
  • Two extra connectors make the installation easier.
  • Titanium cells are easy to install, clean and maintain.
  • The temperature sensor can be EXchanged separately. (LOW maintenance costs)
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Model Description Size (mm)
SC-Pro-16 Salt Chlorinator 16g / h, 220-240V / 50-60Hz ( Pool volume ≤50m³) 365x260x140
SC-Pro-25 Salt Chlorinator 25g / h, 220-240V / 50-60Hz (Pool volume≤75m³) 365x260x140
SC-Pro-35 Salt Chlorinator 33g / h, 220-240V / 50-60Hz (Pool volume ≤100m³) 365x260x140
SC-Pro-50 Salt Chlorinator 42g / h, 220-240V / 50-60Hz (Pool volume ≤120m³) 365x260x140

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SC-Pro-16, SC-Pro-25, SC-Pro-35, SC-Pro-50