Spare Parts for Pool Pumps

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    BPS Series


    No. Description Model No. Description Model
    01 Tie-in Nut HIDRO-BPS 16 Impeller HIDRO-BPS150
    03 O-Ring HIDRO-BPS 17 Mechanical seal HIDRO-BPS
    04 Drainage Plug HIDRO-BPS Viton Seal HIDRO-BPS
    05 O-Ring HIDRO-BPS 18 Pump cover HIDRO-BPS
    06 Pump casing HIDRO-BPS 19 Pad HIDRO-BPS
    07 Filter HIDRO-BPS 20 Hexagon bolt HIDRO-BPS
    08 O-Ring HIDRO-BPS 21 O-Ring HIDRO-BPS
    09 Transparent cover HIDRO-BPS 22 Retaining block HIDRO-BPS
    10 Gland cover of Transparent cover HIDRO-BPS 23 Connection Box Cover HIDRO-BPS025
    11 Open cover hand HIDRO-BPS HIDRO-BPS035
    12 O-Ring HIDRO-BPS HIDRO-BPS050
    13 O-Ring HIDRO-BPS HIDRO-BPS075
    14 Difusser HIDRO-BPS HIDRO-BPS100
    15 Activities Rings HIDRO-BPS HIDRO-BPS150
    16 Impeller HIDRO-BPS050 24 Block gine HIDRO-BPS
    HIDRO-BPS075 25 Hexagon bolt HIDRO-BPS
    HIDRO-BPS100 26 Washer HIDRO-BPS
    HIDRO-BPS120 27 Plastic Base HIDRO-BPS


    SPR Series


    No. Description Model No. Description Model
    01 Tie-in Nut HIDRO-SPR 19 Mechanical seal HIDRO-SPR
    02 Tie-in HIDRO-SPR 20 Pump cover HIDRO-SPR
    03 O-Ring HIDRO-SPR 21 Hexagon screw HIDRO-SPR
    04 Transition union HIDRO-SPR 22 Hexagon screw HIDRO-SPR
    05 O-Ring HIDRO-SPR 23 Shaft seal ring HIDRO-SPR
    06 Acorn nut HIDRO-SPR 24 Front cover HIDRO-SPR
    07 Spring washer HIDRO-SPR 25 Washer HIDRO-SPR
    08 Washer HIDRO-SPR 26 Hexagon bolt HIDRO-SPR
    09 Pump casing HIDRO-SPR 27 Bearing HIDRO-SPR
    10 Filter HIDRO-SPR 28 Rotor assembling HIDRO-SPR-75
    11 O-Ring HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-100
    12 Transparent cover HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-120
    13 Gland cover of Transparent cover HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-150
    14 Gasket HIDRO-SPR 29 Bearing HIDRO-SPR
    15 O-Ring HIDRO-SPR 30 Rotor assembling HIDRO-SPR-75
    16 Guide vane assembly HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-100
    17 Impeller activity ring HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-120
    18 Impeller HIDRO-SPR-75 HIDRO-SPR-150
    HIDRO-SPR-100 31 Motor base HIDRO-SPR
    HIDRO-SPR-120 32 Terminal box pad HIDRO-SPR
    HIDRO-SPR-150 33&44 Bottom part of terminal box&Upper part of terminal box HIDRO-SPR
    No. Description Model No. Description Model
    34 Cross recessed pan head screw and washer assemblies HIDRO-SPR 50 Nut plug for terminal box HIDRO-SPR
    35 Connection pole HIDRO-SPR 51 Terminal box nut HIDRO-SPR
    36 Serrated lock washer axternal teeth HIDRO-SPR 52 Cable HIDRO-SPR-75
    37 Washer HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-100
    38 Hexagonal nut HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-120
    39 Cross recessed pan head tapping screws HIDRO-SPR HIDRO-SPR-150
    40 Capacitor HIDRO-SPR-75 53 The three wave HIDRO-SPR
    HIDRO-SPR-100 54 Back cover HIDRO-SPR
    HIDRO-SPR-120 55 Hexagon bolt HIDRO-SPR
    HIDRO-SPR-150 56 Fan HIDRO-SPR
    41 Capacitor briquetting HIDRO-SPR 57 External circlips HIDRO-SPR
    42 O-Ring HIDRO-SPR 58 Fan cover HIDRO-SPR
    43 Wiring Diagram HIDRO-SPR 59 Cross recessed pan head screw and washer assemblies HIDRO-SPR
    44 Upper part of terminal box HIDRO-SPR 60 Plastic strips HIDRO-SPR
    45 Cross recessed pan head tapping screws HIDRO-SPR 61 Base HIDRO-SPR
    46 Name plate HIDRO-SPR 62 Combination of hexagon head screw and washer HIDRO-SPR
    47 Cross recessed pan head tapping screws HIDRO-SPR 63 hexagon head I HIDRO-SPR
    48 Cross recessed pan crews,spring washer and plain washer assembllies HIDRO-SPR 64 O-Ring HIDRO-SPR
    49 Cable pressing block HIDRO-SPR 65 Drainge Plug HIDRO-SPR

    MPT Series


    No. Description Model No. Description Model
    01 Tie-in Nut HIDRO-MPT 15 Impeller HIDRO-MPT075
    03 O-Ring HIDRO-MPT HIDRO-MPT120
    04 Drainage Plug HIDRO-MPT 16 Standard Mechanical Seal HIDRO-MPT
    05 O-Ring HIDRO-MPT Viton Seal HIDRO-MPT
    06 Hexangon head bolt & washer HIDRO-MPT 17 Pump casing HIDRO-MPT
    07 Pump cover HIDRO-MPT 18 Motor HIDRO-MPT025
    08 Filter HIDRO-MPT HIDRO-MPT035
    09 Transparent cover pad HIDRO-MPT HIDRO-MPT050
    10 Transparent cover HIDRO-MPT HIDRO-MPT075
    11 Transparent cover handle HIDRO-MPT HIDRO-MPT100
    12 O-Ring HIDRO-MPT HIDRO-MPT120
    13 Cover panel HIDRO-MPT 19 Block gine HIDRO-MPT
    14 Tapping screws HIDRO-MPT 20 Hexagon bolt HIDRO-MPT
    15 Impeller HIDRO-MPT025 21 Washer HIDRO-MPT
    HIDRO-MPT035 22 Foot HIDRO-MPT

    Additional information


    01.Tie-in Nut, 02.Tie, 03.O-Ring, 08.O-Ring Transparent Cover, 09.Transparent Cover, 10.Gland cover, 12.O-Ring pump cover, 14.Diffuser, 16.Impeller BPS050, 16.Impeller BPS075, 16.Impeller BPS100, 16.Impeller BPS150, 16.Impeller BPS200, 17.Mechanical Seal, 23.Connection Box Cover, 27.Plastic Base


    01.Tie-in Nut, 02.Tie-in, 03.O-Ring, 08.O-RingTransparent Cover, 09.Transparent Cover, 11.O-Ring pump cover, 12.O-Ring Difusor, 13.Diffuser, 16.Impeller 400, 19.Mechanical seal, 23.Connection Box Cover, 27.Plastic Base


    01.Tie-in Nut, 02.Tie, 03.O-Ring, 09.O-Ring pump cover, 15.Mechanical Seal, 16.Impeller450H, 16.Impeller550H, 21.Connection Box Cover, 25.Plastic Base


    01.Tie-in Nut, 02.Tie, 03.O-Ring, 09.O-Ring Transparent Cover25,35, 10.Transparent cover25,35, 12.O-Ring pump cover, 15.Impeller25, 15.Impeller35, 16.Mechanical Seal, 22.Plastic Base


    01.Tie-in Nut, 02.Tie-in, 03.O-Ring, 09.Impeller HML200, 09.Impeller HML300, 10.Mechanical seal, 11.O-Ring Pump Cover, 13.Connection Box Cover


    01.Tie-in Nut, 02.Tie, 03. O-Ring, 05.O-Ring Transparent cover, 11.O-Ring pump cover, 12.Transparent cover, 14.Gasket, 16.Diffuser, 18.Impeller300, 19.Mechanical seal, 33.Connection Box cover, 61.Plastic Base